How To Buy Shapewear For Plus Size? Check Popilush Out!

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Having an ideal body shape is a dream for every woman. Women with plus-size body shape is no longer a problem and can look trendy and stylish too.

You can still look beautiful at any event. The trick is to choose the right shapewear according to your body shape. We can get the ideal body by using shapewear. So if you have to buy shapewear, how to get shapewear for plus size?

How To Buy Shapewear For Plus Size?

A body with a big size is not an obstacle to being able to look beautiful. Now you can buy shapewear dresses at online stores that provide them. How to get shapewear for plus size? Here are tips that you can apply.

1. Choose the Right Size

Choose the right size for your body. You must adjust the type of shapewear you want to buy, such as bust, waist, or hip. Usually, shapewear sizes are within a range. If you are within sizes, please choose a larger size for a comfortable fit.

2. Materials and Colors

Buying the right's shapewear should be aware of the waist shape. This section determines the appearance looks slim and sexy.

Choosing the right color is also the key to choosing shapewear. According to some stylish fashion experts, owners of plus-size should choose dark colors such as navy, brown, or grey.

3. Pattern and Details

Avoid choosing the type of shapewear that has a 'busy' pattern. Better choose shapewear with no motives, a vertical, or a backless bodysuit. It looks elegant for owners of oversize bodies. The model and details aim to give the impression of being slim, fit, and still beautiful.

Backless dress
Source: https://www.popilush.com/

Therefore, I recommend a website where you can buy shapewear for plus size, Popilush.

Popilush Offers Shapewear For Any Size

Popilush is a leading shapewear brand from the United States. The Popilush built-in shapewear dress is designed with a front square neckline, has material that offers a 4-way stretchy, comfit fit, is skin-friendly, and many more.

Midi dress
Source: https://www.popilush.com/

Why do I recommend Popilush for buying shapewear for plus size? Here are the reasons.

1. Model and Size

Popilush also provides a wide selection of models and the best shapewear for dress that can make you look beautiful and sexy. If you have a problem with how to buy shapewear for plus size, you can choose the Popilush shapewear maxi dress because it gives the effect of a flat stomach, giving a solid impression on several parts of the body. Popilush also provides sizes from S to 5XL.

Long dress shapewear
Source: https://www.popilush.com/

2. Material dan Design

Popilush's material consists of 92% modal and 8% spandex. The material has soft, flexible, comfortable on the skin, and comfy fit. Popilush's shapewear gives a flattering effect on a suitable tummy. Popilush's shapewear feels comfortable to wear and does not give a tight. The shapewear has crotch overlapping for comfort when going to the lavatory.

Meanwhile, breast support is designed with a double-layer elastic to support the breasts. The shapewear has a seamless tummy control effect that enhances a more natural slimming. That is a leg opening non-slip design so that it is not slippery.

3. Easy Care

Because it is made of 92% modal and spandex, hand washing is sufficient for washing care. Do not iron, bleach, dry clean, and do not tumble dry.

4. Shipping and Returns

Popilush provides free shipping on purchases over $85+ in the United States(US). Please note that the delivery process is within three working days, so please be patient.


Choosing appropriate body shapewear for plus size requires several points for consideration. Popilush can be the right choice to get your ideal body with a wide selection of shapewear. Hopefully, this article can give you all some knowledge on how to buy shapewear for plus size.
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