Less The Plastics, Let's Use Silicone Products

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Silicone products could be the solution to the uncontrolled use of plastic materials. Household appliances are made of plastic materials. So, now we can switch these habits to using silicone materials if we could change the household with silicone products for the kitchen.

Silicone Products For The Kitchen

Silicone food storage
Image source: https://www.newtoprubber.com/product/whole-bulk-food-grade-silicone-foldable-kitchen-food-storage-container0i0209144.html

Silicone products for the kitchen are one of the best solutions to avoid excessive plastic material. What are the advantages of silicone material than plastic materials? Silicone materials are easy to use, heat resistant, have no odors, reusable and durable.

It is better to choose silicone products for the kitchen with food-grade material, which has received recognition from competent associations.

Silicone ice cream mold
Image source : https://www.newtoprubber.com/product/hot-selling-food-grade-silicone-ice-cream-mold-with-sticks0i0166390.html

Choose a silicon material that does not contain Polycarbonate (PC). As we know, Polycarbonate will release Biphenol-A (BPA) compounds when heated.

One of the best companies in Asia that have produced silicone material for household, medical and industrial needs is New Top Rubber company.

New Top Rubber Company

One of the companies has a business focus produce liquid silicone production manufacturers. New Top Rubber company based in Xiamen, Fujian-China has supplied mother and baby silicone products, such as silicone feeding, silicone teether, silicone tattoo skin, kitchen utensils, pet utensils, silicone DIY mold, till medical and industrial applications. 

For medical and industrial applications, this company has a service to produce customized products. Follow the goal of customer satisfaction with high quality only.

Silicone popsicle
Image source: https://www.newtoprubber.com/product/wholesale-fashional-design-food-grade-silicone-popsicle-mold0i0209116.html

Another example of silicone products from this company for household appliances products is silicone ice molds. As a manufacturer of silicone products, New Top Rubber is very concerned about the safety of silicon-based equipment. All these materials are food grade standard, which it has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), German Food and Foodstuff law (LFGB) certified, LE, and etc. 

With 12 years of experience in household needs, baby care, and other necessities, New Top Rubber is ready to fulfil our needs for silicone production.

Interested in trying one of their products? Please contact below
Address: No.138 Tongan District, Tongan Industry Zone, Xiamen, Fujian, China
Email: info@newtoprubber.com
Phone number: +86 17750666291

Let's reduce plastic waste to silicone products. Let's switch for a better future.
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  1. I definitely agree that we have to stop using plastics step by step. Is not easy, but we have to try, looking for another alternative, something like using these silicone product, this a good idea

  2. Penting bgt untuk keluarga dengan menggunakan bahan yg aman ya mbak. Dan silikon aman bgt untuk keluarga apalagi yg punya bayi. Lucu2 juga tempatnya.

  3. Di Indonesia sudah banyak ato belum ya, Kak, produk silikonnya? Selama ini tahunya masih yang plastik.

  4. As well as new mom, I need safety product for my baby. This silicon product will be my reference

  5. Wah, silicone products for the kitchen with food grade material are one of the best solution to avoid excessive plastic material.
    And, fun fact about silicon products are the playful colour every single product.

  6. I agree with you. Silicone is more reusable than plastics and I like using silicone utensil for some reason. Thanks for writing this article...

  7. Talking about products with plastic materials is indeed very interesting let alone its relation to health and the environment. But I am curious about silicone products, is it safe for the environment?

  8. mengurangi plastik sudha menjadi isu hangat beberapa tahun terakhir, beralih ke beberapa produk pengganti, salah satunya adalah silicon ini

  9. Silicone products are very child-friendly, of course.
    Not bad for getting the kids used to not snacking on ice outside.

  10. I agree with you. I also use silicone material for my baby


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